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Proportional directional spool valve( JPSL and JPSV)

The proportional directional spool valve type JPSL is suitable for constant pump systems, while type JPSV is suitable for control pump systems with a pressure/flow controller. The flow rates and load pressures for the individual consumers can be individually adjusted.

Proportional directional spool valve( LSPV )

Our modular valve solutions take the complex control challenge and put it to work. Our broad valve range is designed for your machine’s demanding tasks. Integrating multiple functions in a compact package, they provide strong, smooth and consistent performance.

Hydraulic pilot control devices

Pilot control device joystick and foot pedal work according to the principle of direct-acting pressure reducing valves. This causes a pressure increase on service ports that is proportional to the control lever stroke and the reaction spring.

Compact hydraulic valves

We offer a wide range of compact valves, counterbalance valves, double check valves, relief valves, shuttle valves and 3-way flow valves. Pressure up to 500 bar, flow rate up to 150 L/min.

Custom hydraulic manifolds

The function of hydraulic valves varies with the application. For customised requirements, our engineers offer technical advice. As our customer confirms the solution, our engineers submit the implementation drawings to the customer for confirmation.

Rotary drilling rig hydraulic buffers

The hydraulic buffer is a device designed to absorb and damp shock impulses.Hydraulic buffers are designed for heavy-duty, severe-duty applications.Application: the rotary drilling rigs and other equipment that needs large energy buffer.

pneumatic valves

All steel valve body, pressure up to 30 bar, Manual, pneumatic and solenoid operation available. Explosion-proof requirements available.

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The function of hydraulic valves varies with the application. For custom requirements, we will offer technical  advice. As soon as the customer confirms the solution, our engineers will submit the implementation drawings.

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