The proportional valve(LSPV) technology aims to provide you with the best end-user control, meeting requirements for high productivity with optimum safety and minimum emissions.

The LSPV portfolio has grown with our experience and understanding of customer businesses. Today, our proven technology goes into customized solutions with maximum user comfort.

Flexible system design. The modular design of our LSPV range accommodates future control variations and provides an almost infinite number of configurations.

Asa result, we are able to offer you integrated function solutions that are perfectly customized for your vehicle.

Because all LSPV parts are interchangeable, valve specifications can be easily altered to accommodate new functions and meet rapidly changing market needs.

Overall, that means spending less time and money on your system qualification and vehicle certification.

Draw on our robust components, application know-how and engineering capabilities, and we will ensure your hydraulic system is well prepared for tomorrow’s demands.

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