Pilot control device joystick and foot pedal work according to the principle of direct-acting pressure reducing valves. In rest position, the joystick lever or kit pedal is held in neutral by return spring; inlet port P is closed and service ports (1 – 2 – 3 -4) are connected to tank port T. By selecting control lever, plunger compresses return spring and reaction spring through cam mechanism; It shifts spool and opens connection holes between inlet port P and service ports consequently. This causes a pressure increase on service ports that is proportional to the control lever stroke and the reaction spring.

They are especially suitable for remote-controlling distributors, pumps and motors, in small spaces, thus ensuring high performances, quick and reliable responses on both mobile machineries and industrial equipment.

General Specification

Maximum input pressure :100 bar

Maximum back pressure on tank line: ≤3 bar

Maximum flow on ports:15 L/min

Hydraulic fluid: MIneral oil HL, HM (HLP DIN 51524)

Fluid temperature range: -20℃ ~ +90℃

Fluid viscosity range:10 ~ 380 cst

Max contamination level:9 (NAS 1638) – 20/18/15 (ISO 4406:1999)

Recommended filtration: β10 > 75 (ISO 16889:2008)

Leakage (single port):3 cc/min (with 50 bar of pressure)

Material Standard Specification

Body material: Cast iron

Surface coating: Zin plated (According to international standards 2000/53/CE RoHS)

Plunger material: Stainless steel

Plunger guide material: Brass

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